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Famegirls Ella Set 116
Published by xsnred on April 19th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Ella Set 116

Famegirls Ella Set 116

Nothing like a blonde Ella wearing a short black jacket and black boots in the snow, which makes for a nice contrast. Obviously Ella slowly removes her jacket and panties giving some delicate tease and great facial expressions throughout. She is a little more conservative in this set showing her “naughty bits”, as WMI would describe them. My favorite photo in this set would be 116, where her beauty is just phenomenal. There are a few photos where she is on her back with her legs wide open which face the forest. What I wouldn’t give to be in that forest with a pair of binoculars. Just an over all calm and conservative set from Ella which should make all of her fans happy.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Ella Set 116

Ella’s Next Set:

Famegirls Ella Set 117

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Famegirls Monica Video 67
Published by webmodelsindex on April 18th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Monica Video 67

Famegirls Monica Video 67

I was hoping that one of the other writers here at WMINews would do this review since I somewhat kinda sorta reviewed the set yesterday, but no such luck. Since they are lacking, if anyone else is interested in writing reviews, just leave a comment below.

As for the video, is it weird that the best part for me was when she was fully dressed? Seeing her in this dress was surprisingly sexy. The silky panties were also a nice addition. I’ve also noticed that over time it’s been less and less about just wanting her to get naked, and more about just wanting to see her. Yeah, it’s weird, I know, but I’m finicky like that.

Sample Video: Famegirls Monica Video 67

Monica’s Next Video:

Famegirls Monica Video 68

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Famegirls Monica Set 69
Published by webmodelsindex on April 17th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Monica Set 69

Famegirls Monica Set 69

I really liked the intimate feel of this set. The bed and outfit really worked well together. Of course the poses helped quite a bit too.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Monica Set 69

Monica’s Next Set:

Famegirls Monica Set 70

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Next Famegirls Live Chat
Published by webmodelsindex on April 16th, 2015 in Site Updates

Next Famegirls Live Chat

There are two upcoming live chats over at Famegirls. Both will be with Audrey and Foxy together.

  • April 17th, 2015 at 21:00 Moscow Time
  • April 18th, 2015 at 08:00 Moscow Time

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Famegirls Isabella – New Famegirl!
Published by webmodelsindex on April 16th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Isabella - New Famegirl!

Famegirls Isabella – New Famegirl!

I was hoping that once Famegirls came back up there would be some content of this girl. I’m super excited to see what she can do and I don’t get excited often. This girl is amazingly gorgeous. Sadly, she hasn’t been added yet. I’m also unsure of when her first set will be.

More Samples:

Famegirls Isabella - New Famegirl! Sample 1 Famegirls Isabella - New Famegirl! Sample 2

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Famegirls Extra Content
Published by webmodelsindex on April 16th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Extra Content

Technically it’s not extra, just late. Famegirls was down for a couple weeks, and when it came back up, Vlad added the content that we missed. Here are the links to those sample galleries and the screencaps for the videos. Also, if there is a sample video available for each of the released videos, I’ll include those.


Famegirls Audrey Video 35 (03:19) Sample

Famegirls Audrey Video 35

Famegirls Audrey Video 36 (06:24) Sample

Famegirls Audrey Video 36

Famegirls Foxy Video 13 (06:21) Sample

Famegirls Foxy Video 13

Famegirls Foxy Video 14 (11:42) Sample

Famegirls Foxy Video 14

Famegirls Monica Video 65 (07:27) Sample

Famegirls Monica Video 65

Famegirls Audrey and Foxy Video 3 (07:43) Sample

Famegirls Audrey and Foxy Set 3

Did I miss anything? Visit Famegirls.

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Famegirls Foxy Set and Video 15
Published by webmodelsindex on April 16th, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Foxy Set 15

Famegirls Foxy Set and Video 15

First of all, I just want to say that Famegirls is up and running again. All content has been reuploaded (both sets and videos of all the models), though I don’t think the live chat recordings are back up yet. There was also a backup of the forum, so all previous discussions are there again. Vlad has also added two weeks worth of content to make up for the days lost. So excluding today’s set and video, there were two sets added for each model, as well as two videos for Audrey and Foxy, and one video for Monica. There was supposed to be two videos of Monica, but the second video won’t download for some reason. There was also a set and video added of Audrey and Foxy together. I won’t be doing reviews of the past content, only this one and future releases, but I will make another post with links to galleries and screen caps of the videos all in one.

As for this review, I’m going to give my opinions on the set, but not on the video. It’s a bit redundant to review both the set and video on the same day since it’s practically the same content. I will however include the screen cap of the video.

I’m sure you all know by now my feelings about Foxy, but I must say that the poses this girl does are top notch. It’s not about the explicitness, but more about the variety. It’s extremely difficult to get bored while scrolling through a Foxy set. For those of you who don’t care about the poses, then you’ll probably like how far this girl is willing to go. Spreading her legs and showing all seems to be here new thing with this set and the one before it. I’m guessing Vlad has no problem with it since there are multiple shots of it. I’m willing to bet that Foxy will also be the next Famegirl to insert a finger. We saw it a couple times with Monica, but then she stopped doing it. From what I can tell, Foxy is taking things further and further each set, so it’s just a matter of time.

I also want to point out that I did like the set design. It’s amazing to see just how many ways you can sit on a chair. Of course the outfit helped as well (loved the boots). Overall, I actually liked this one.

Video Screen Cap (09:14):


No sample available.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Foxy Set 15

Foxy’s Next Set:

Famegirls Foxy Set 16

Foxy’s Next Video:

Famegirls Foxy Video 16

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Current State of Famegirls
Published by webmodelsindex on April 6th, 2015 in Site Updates

Current State of Famegirls

I’ve contacted Vlad again to get an update on the current state of Famegirls. The first time I emailed him about the site being down, he replied with a short answer saying that it was server problems. His latest reply this morning gave a lot more information. First of all, Famegirls was not hacked. A simple hack would not cause the server to be down this long. So rest assured, no personal information was compromised. And just as I had originally thought, it was just a crash.

The HD’s were raided, so the backup drivers should have kicked in. However, one of the main HD’s had died, and the backups won’t load. His web host is very slow with correcting the problem, which is why it has been down for as long as it has. If the web host can get the backups to load, the site will be up and running rather soon. If not, Vlad will need to rebuild it from scratch. Which means uploading content and putting the website in order. This is not an easy task. If it gets fixed, it may go live within a day or two. If not, and he has to reload everything, it may take a couple weeks.

I have no idea if there will be compensation or not, so don’t bother asking. Though from previous experience of when Vlad messes something up, he does give back to his users.

Have patience. The site will be fixed.

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Famegirls Ella Retires!
Published by webmodelsindex on April 1st, 2015 in Uncategorized

Seems our lovable Ella from Famegirls is retiring. Not only that, but Famegirls will be closing it’s doors sometime next month.

Read the full story:


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Famegirls Audrey Video 34
Published by fan_number_one on April 1st, 2015 in Model Updates

Famegirls Audrey Video 34

Famegirls Audrey Video 34

I could not resist to do a review on this video (and I had no time), but this is the most erotic and hot made to date in FG. If the set was erotic, now with the moving, everything becomes to the life and more intense, especially because Jane is not limited simply to pass hands over the body of Audrey, but she plays with breasts and nipples squeezing them, massaging and crossing the entire body of Audrey, down increasingly hand to the crotch of Audrey to continue the massage around her erogenous zone (this left me stiff… in the best sense). Audrey face is pure pleasure in every moment, she was certainly enjoying, but she did not just be “passive person”, but she also stroked the arms of Jane while she was massaged, interlacing each other arms creating the scene with more erotic charge that I remember. Of course, the camera moves up and down, showing a very close-up of Audrey with her legs open in a brief moment… Wow :shock: … The scene changes and now offers a rear view of Jane (very nice), and Audrey does not stop playing and “to purr” as a naughty kitten around the Jane’s legs trying to loosen her towel with the mouth… Funny!. Another change of camera and now Audrey is upside down being massaged by the expert hands of Jane, who for a moment spent a finger over the anus of Audrey… This was another very hot moment. The scene moves to the glass of the sauna, where Jane continues massaging and touching, but always hidden by the body of Audrey, who has an expression of total ecstasy drawn on her face resting her hands against the glass. A change of camera and we have another surprise (or not so much): the same scene we saw in the video of Monica with Jane touching herself, but this time without panties. Devils!. I am not sure if Jane is pretty or not, but what she has left to see is impressive.

New change, and now Audrey is alone for a few seconds showing all her beauty, uncensored, but without being explicit. The video ends with Audrey embracing the legs of Jane, but before there is a curious scene where our “mysterious” make-up artist is very close to show her face reflected in the glass. I think Vlad played a bit with us with this plane.

Without a doubt, this is a very erotic video and a new leap in the scale of eroticism as the video of Monica, but I think this goes a step further. The set not hooked me up at whole, because I was not convinced on “ghostly” presence of Jane in the photos, but with the movement it all makes more sense.

The video is so well done that the minutes were short for me. Excellent.

Sample Video: Famegirls Audrey Video 34

Audrey’s Next Video:

Famegirls Audrey Video 35

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