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Update 1: The New Web Models Index
Published by webmodelsindex on August 15th, 2011 in Site Updates

Just thought I’d give you guys a brief update on the behind the scenes with the redone version of Web Models Index.

The coding is coming along nicely so far. I’m actually organizing things a lot better so expansion won’t be an issue. The site itself is actually much faster in response time, as well as using less resources on the server where the hosting is. The current site (according to cpanel), kept saying I was overheating the processor. That won’t be an issue anymore.

As for some of the changes, the interface is much larger. Which means I can post larger images. The current sites gallery images are 600×900, and the new site has them at 1000×1500. A nice increase. Not only that, but images per gallery is no longer hard coded to be either 9 or 15 images. Displaying them now reads from the directories where the images are stored, so the gallery sizes can be anywhere from 1 image to an unlimited amount. However, some images that I get from my affiliates are smaller than 1000×1500 in size. Enlarging them is not an option, and it will make them look horrible. So let’s just say that the images will range from 600×900 to 1000×1500. Just depends on what all I have to work with. There will also be an option to display the images in their own window, so you can re-size them on your own.

The interface itself has more items in the menu, which should allow for more features. The navigation for the model view has slightly changed as well. The preview images of the models are still 100×150, but you can see more per row, and the navigation has been improved upon. As you can see from this screen shot:

This way, you don’t need to scroll to the bottom to choose a certain page. There has also been changes to individual model galleries. The thumbnails for each gallery is larger. 150×225 in size. They used to be the same size as the model thumbnails, but having the larger sizes gives a better preview. Navigation from individual model galleries has been removed. All the galleries the model you chose has, will be displayed on one page. Once you’re actually in a certain gallery, it will pretty much be the same as it was before. A display of all the images in that set shown on one page, with a preview image of 150×225. Below each image will have a link to open the image by itself in a new tab/window. Or just click on the image itself to view it the default way.

Voting has been enabled for individual images, not just models and galleries. It was added specifically for a new section of the site called Top Ten. Here you will see the top ten for many different systems. Some of them are:

  • Top 10 Models (based on votes)
  • Top 10 Models (based on number of votes)
  • Top 10 Models (based on views)
  • Top 10 Models (based on comments)
  • Top 10 Models (most added to favorites)
  • Top 10 Galleries (based on votes)
  • Top 10 Galleries (based on number of votes)
  • Top 10 Galleries (based on views)
  • Top 10 Galleries (based on comments)
  • Top 10 Galleries (most added to favorites)
  • Top 10 Images (based on votes)
  • Top 10 Images (based on number of votes)
  • Top 10 Images (based on views)
  • Top 10 Images (based on comments)
  • Top 10 Images (most added to favorites)

User accounts has been coded in. Users were actually the first thing coded on the new site, so the integration has been flawless. The site itself will not require you to create an account. But if you want to vote, add to favorites, leave comments, etc.. you’ll need to create an account. Some of you probably don’t want one, or think you need one, but it helps the site overall. By placing votes, or leaving comments, or adding models and galleries to your favorites, you’ll be helping the new people to the site see whats good and whats not. Just a thought.

Anyways, that’s it so far. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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